Her heart

Once upon a time there was a beautifully happy young girl.... Her dreams were big and her expectations even bigger. She gave her heart freely to anyone who would take it, she would hand it to them in a beautifully wrapped satin box with a wide naive smile as she did so... They would be…


The Love Memorandum

Like a feast of words that smoulder in the mouth.

David Redpath

20180121_111044-01-01-01-02774794570.jpegThe Love Memorandum

Still breathing
Living still
From oceans deep
a mortal spill
The waters testing
in the fullness of time
What’s in your heart?
Who’s on your mind?
Having received
the Love Memorandum
from Planet Freedom
Regarding that love
that doesn’t change
with the wild weather
Of love forged
in the fires of forever
A love that never fails
Like the latter rains
of a summer harvest
Love gives meaning
to this existence

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The bite

She sways as she tries to walk... She's drunk... She stumbles slightly... The night is dark and moody, the path uneven... The bushes rustle.... She stops and stares in their direction, trying to focus her wavy vision.... Suddenly she has rough heavy breathing in her ear.... She gasps.... She spins around.... His teeth sink into…


It's a simple fact that there is a stereotype in life that woman should all want husbands and babies, and even though we live in an era that denotes equality between men and woman, female independence and feminism on the rise this stereotype or stigma still secretly lingers in the deepest part of our minds.…

The sickness- a short poem

Your body hurts with this incredible pain. They ask how you are but fakeness is not far from your brain. People all around, life still moving, still normal. Questions about your health, not comforting but rather formal. Is this sympathy or empathy? Truly caring, or it it just courtesy? When your mind is blurred and…