The cotton sheets were soft on his weather treated, hard working skin. Breathing in deeply he rolled over, arm outstretched searching for another human life. The air around his hand cold and crisp in comparison to the stale heat under the duvet. A hint of pine filling his nostrils, the cabin not yet a year old. He opened his eyes to double check his lack of findings, The bed was empty….

The shirt she was wearing was drowning her body, but she didn’t mind, it was loose and well worn but best of all it smelled like him. She sat on her favourite red velvet high back chair close to the window, a hot mug of coffee warming her hands. The steam was rising from the cup like a mystical elixir of life, filling her nose with the smell of freshly ground beans.

She stared out the window, the snow was extra thick today and she wondered if they might be stuck for good, in fact, she hoped it might be so…

He slowly pulled his weary body up into a sitting position on the end of the bed, rubbing his eyes in an attempt to focus them. He was tired from the late night before filled with drinking, smoking and indulging in sin but he didn’t mind, this kind of tired just made him feel alive. He dragged his body up and across the room towards the bathroom, the slate tiled floor cold and smooth under his feet.

He leaned on the lip of the sink, elbows locked, his back arching as he brought his face closer to his own reflection in the mirror, he wasn’t sure who the man he was staring at was, this man looked relaxed, free and more wise than the man he once knew. He turned the shower on, the hot water pouring from the rain style shower head they had chosen together, the steam instantly filling the room. As he stood there, under the warm water running down his back and chest he exhaled deeply, letting all his cares disappear. 

The sound of claws and paws rattled down the hallway from the den. Claudia looked back smiling at their three beautiful dogs, she wondered how they had been so lucky to have such an eclectic mix of three, a chow chow, a German Sheppard and a tiny little ball of a dog with an unknown pedigree. Claudia stood up quickly as not to be bowled over by the pack and they wiggled and waggled as she fussed at them with her morning greetings. The dogs needed to go outside so Claudia walked over to the front door, slipped her bare legs and feet into Jason’s worn out work boots. The inside of the boots felt rough against her soft feet, she didn’t have socks on and she was now regretting that decsision but none the less she carried on, she grabbed her puffer jacket and threw on a woolen  bobble hat.

She looked in the full length mirror, she thanked god that they don’t have neighbours, she would look rather odd in just a mans shirt, work boots and a hat while outside in an arctic like environment. She turned the heavy key in the lock, it brought back memories of her and Jason having a playful debate at the antique auction over what lock and key to choose for the cabin. The dogs rushed passed her like the running of the bulls in Pamplona, nearly knocking her over.

They dived and leaped through the snow, only a path of collapsing and moving ice visible from the tiny round one making a tunnel. Claudia stepped out into t elements not thinking, the oversized boots plummeting heavily down into the thick snow, before she could correct her misjudgement the snow was filling the boots and surrounding her naked feet. She whistled hurriedly for the dogs to come back in and swiftly removed the ice filled workers boots. Her feet were frozen….

Jason was still in the shower, he knew that the hot water was close to running out but Claudia always joined him in the last few minutes so he knew he still had time, “where is she?” He thought, it  seemed like an age that he had been in there. He reached for the shampoo and squeezed it onto his hand, the shower filled with the smell of natural citrus, he laughed to himself, Claudia had always insisted that everything they used was eco-friendly and natural, she hoped to save the world one day and he loved that about her…

Steam was creeping out from under the door of the bathroom like an eerie moment in a black and white vampire movie. Claudia knew that Jason was waiting for her, he did so everyday. She opened the bathroom door as quietly as she could, snuck across the now slightly damp floor and slowly opened the shower, she slid her hand around Jasons back, touching his stomach and he jolted with fear from her icy cold touch…. they laughed until their stomachs hurt, their eyes met, but they did not see with their vision, rather their souls, and they knew they were a perfect fit in that perfect moment.

This cabin is theirs, they had built it themselves, it is like a a world of their own, their own rules, their own decisions, nothing getting in the way of their perfection. It is like a bubble, protecting them from all the stresses of the outside world, a place to be themselves completely and speak their minds freely, together.

Will this place and time last for them? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s better to relish in what they have for as long as they can than not at all.

Their future is undecided, but that’s half the fun….


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