Oh little sock where have you gone?

I have your partner, the pair you came from.

The drum is empty, I checked it twice, if you would just turn up now that would be nice.

You are not on the floor or in the laundry bag, is that you over there? No! Just a cleaning rag.

I search the stairs and retrace me path, I still can’t see you and now I’m starting to laugh.

“Where do all these socks go” I say, maybe a sock paradise or a secret sock holiday.

Do you go for a walk or maybe run?, without a foot in you that might be fun!

Are you tying to escape a life full of foot stink? I get desperate in searching and peer longingly into the sink.

Are u in the drain? Maybe the pipe? I wish I could find you and be done with this sock hype.

I could finish this search party and just throw your partner away, but we all know if I do this, you will just turn up on another day.

Please come home soon, the left sock is getting sad, I promise not to interrogate you, you were one of the best socks I ever had!


2 thoughts on “The missing sock

  1. Love this!

    I imagine a huge city of single socks, they’ve escaped into freedom, leaving their other, more submissive half behind 🙂

    Great site, look forward to reading some more of your writing, have tried to follow but couldn’t find the button (am new to blogging.)

    I’m a writer and have a book coming out later this year, here’s a link to the first draft (really appreciate any feedback) https://transformation-is-real.com/fiction-chapter-nav/


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