It’s pretty simply, I am like marmite…. you either love me or you hate me…. most of the time it’s the latter of that equation but for the ones who love me, they honestly, truly do. 

This leads me to the beginning of my story, the beginning of something great, the beginning of the group I call my priority group. We met online on ps4 and just like an addiction, I cannot get enough of them.

I had a lonely few months, no friends to turn to, no one to hang out with and no one to talk to in a crisis…. then I found them…. the priority group, this group was made up of the best three characters you can imagine, I will not use their real names for obvious reasons so I am going to use descriptive references……

The silent sarcastic….He befriended me due to my so called savagery! He isn’t loud and in your face, but when his sarcasm creeps out you cannot deny his existence. He is funny and kind, the guy that you can confess your deepest and darkest secrets to, he will get your back through thick and thin and you know you can count on him for anything and everything. From the moment we met we have not been out of contact for a single day. We are both as weird as each other, many conversations we have are in meows or emojis that make no sense, he drives a beat up old Cadillac but he doesn’t give a fuck. I love his zero fucks to give attitude. He plays trials like a fucking god, and even though I don’t say it, he carries the shit out of me lol! He says he will propose to me forever no matter how many times my guardian turns away…. challenge accepted sir! 

 Subsequently, he is also “that” guy in the group, he wears his own style, whether that’s good or not is another story… he is quirky and unusual, he takes constant playful shit from everyone and never flips out, I have never heard him swear, not even one time! He also sleeps way too much, he can be texting you one minute and then ten seconds later he has passed the fuck out. His taste in shoes makes my eyes bleed a little but that makes him who he is. He is a rarity in the world, a friend that will be loyal till the very bitter end….. well….. unless he is trying to kill me with a bus, or smash my skull in by flipping the motorbike, but accidents happen ;)! He’s a man of mystery, hard to read but easy to love.

Then we have The ladys man, he might not confess that this is him but as a female myself I can tell you it’s the truth, not to mention the brief mention of titty pics and nudes kind of confirms my suspicions. He is super smooth with his words and has a chill u cannot find anywhere else. I met him before I met anyone else in this group, he is the reason I met the rest of them really, he was nice enough to keep me on his friends list and put up with all of my random crap, he is a keeper for sure! Not to mention that his selfie game is better than mine, this dude takes so called “boredom selfies” that kick Kim kardashian where it hurts…. I mean truly….. selfie game on point lol. 

He is patient with my terrible ability to play GTA online, effectively he is like a body guard, he was there protecting me when I was minding my own business clothes shopping and some dick head decided to wait outside and start shooting me up, he came to the rescue immediately, telling me to stay inside while he wrecked the guy over and over. He is like my family now…… whether he likes it or not lol. He also played a huge role in teaching me the ways of head shots…… and this leads me to the last person….. the one who makes the group defined. 

The party guy…… he hated me when we first met, apparently I was a pure dick the moment he first heard my voice…. now I would say we are super close. He was also the one to help me get a little closer to becoming beast on GTA (might be a while lol).  I made him my friend as soon as I realised we had a mutual love of pizza. He is named the party guy because when he arrives in a chat party you are going to know about it…. he is loud….. and for me to say that you know it’s true because I am one loud mother fucker. He is constantly “dropping bars” as they say lol, he sings, he makes jokes…. he generally is the entertainment we all need, now I’m not talking about that trashy entertainment you find in strip clubs, I’m talking about high class rare entertainment, the kind everyone needs in their life, but is super hard to find. To be honest all you have to do is get a look at the hair on this guy and you will know that you need that kind of legend in your life.

He took me on a date, I played hard to get and was a bit dickish about it but I would like to think that deep down inside he knows I loved it. We got together, got divorced, got back together….. but he will never leave me and I won’t leave him! He pretends like he doesn’t care, he pretends to be hard but really I know that deep down inside he cares more than most people would about me. Now let’s move on to the most ridiculous thing…., this man is legit inhuman, the sounds that this man can get out of his mouth always blow my mind away…. he doesn’t think hes amazing at beat boxing and he always talks about people that are better than him but he definitely has my mind blown!  He might need to step up his characters game when it comes to protecting mine…..let’s not call the doctor again lol,  but real life shit with him couldn’t be more perfect! 

All these guys have accepted me for who I am, for the not so great ps4 player, for the weird girl with weird music taste, for the “savagery”, for the stupid behaviour, for the low self esteem and all the bullshit that comes with me. I would be lost without them and I hope they read this, I don’t like to be soppy and girlie but they deserve all that life can give them, I will never find funnier, more honest, more loving protective friends, and I hope that they will keep me with them for many many years to come! Even though they are millions of miles away, I will always remember how they have cared for me none the less! 

This might be in a fictitious world that is only real through the internet but to me the friendships I have made on there are more real than most others. 


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