img_7168-1The moment you meet someone you know if you are going to like them or not.

Their personality will fit with yours like two matching gloves. Conversation never slows throughout the days, months or years. You will always have something to say, you will always invoke debatable topics that cause an argumentative state to erupt, but the passion behind your two view points only makes the both of you more attractive to one another.

The music you like might not be one hundred percent the same, the food you love might not take the fancy of the other person, but these small things make us unique, interesting and alluring.

You appreciate the way they make you feel, the excitement they show every time they talk to you. You love to remember their moments and they remember yours in return, no one could deny your chemistry, you are undeniably cut from a similar cloth and would easily mould together.

You love the way they say hello and say your name as if they had been waiting all day just to release it form their lips. You love the way they understand you like no one else, the way they remember who you are and respect it because they would never want you to change.

You love all the things they do, the way they act, their caring nature and soothing tone, you love them more than they will ever know and hopefully, maybe they will have the privelage to one day, know how much you love them and love all of you just the same.


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