Your eyes feel heavy, the thickness of the dark hugging you tightly.  Has old man time deceived your body again? Could it only be the early hours of the morning?

You lift the weight of your once dream filled head and try to reanimate yourself, you are tired….

your mouth  is like a cotton field, dry and fluffy from all the open mouthed breathing during the night. As your eyes begin to adjust to the the light of the room, pupils  open as wide as saucers you take a deep breath, another day has dawned and you are here to see it.

She reaches out from the dark abyss, her long, thin, warm fingers creeping in through every gap and crevice. She whispers to the ancient forest trees, “wake up my children”, her breath gently rustling through their leaves making them shiver with the warmth of a new day.

She reaches out further and further as time runs away, touching the earth and awakening everything in her path. All of her beings responding like a well oiled machine. She tickles the water, stirring it from its glass like slumber, sending infant sized ripples running through its surface.

She blows the wind through the once dormant sky filling it with white cotton candy clouds, floating  and flying like mystical kites, fighting with the sun over who will be centre stage.

Even with all this hustle and bustle there is an eerie silence, one that makes you feel tingly if you listen close enough. You woke up feeling alone, feeling deprived of stimulation, but you are never alone…. she is always there and she will always be there.

She will give you constant gifts that you will not notice, she will try and say hello to your soul but you will ignore her in your unintentional rat race. She will present you with the reward of another day that most of you will take for granted. You ignore her and abuse her but she will always love you and she will never stop trying to give you moments of beauty and clarity.

She is Mother Nature, and she is beautiful.


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